Compact modules HSB-delta®
with toothed belt drive or screw drive

Our compact modules HSB-delta® are the perfect units for applications which demand stiff and precise guidance.

A wide flat aluminium profile which we have developed ourselves is the basis for every HSB-delta® compact module. Within this are mounted either two ball guiding rails arranged in parallel (HSB-delta® 110 to 240) or one HSB roller guide with an especially broad base. The profiles are precisely machined on all mating faces for use with linear guides.

HSB-delta® compact modules are currently available in 5 sizes - from HSB-delta® 90 to HSB-delta® 240. In order to satisfy the range of options demanded in practice, here too various guide variants and drive variants are offered.

Drive variants

1. Toothed belt drive

Application area: for low and medium feed forces involving long strokes. We use toothed belts as drive components for low to medium precision. Circulating toothed belts are used in the ZRS/ZSS versions.

The ZRS/ZSS versions with circulating toothed belt and drive at the profile end are used for all standard applications where the position of the profile is fixed and the carriage moves, including long strokes.

2. Screw drive

Our compact modules with screw drive are used for applications which require both large forces and high precision. For this we primarily use our HSB-kgt® ball screws.

Guide variants

1. HSB roller guide

Our roller guide is suitable for light to medium loads. It has low friction and permits high speeds up to 8 m/s. Its accuracy lies in the medium range.
For our HSB-delta® 90 we decided against a miniature linear guide and in favour of our HSB roller guide, since the miniature guides are very delicate.

For most applications our roller guide can be classed as "maintenance free".

2. Profile guide rail

Our compact modules with linear guide rail are suitable for medium to heavy loads. They have low friction but are nevertheless very stiff. They permit high speeds up to 5 m/s. Their accuracy lies in the precision range.


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