Linear tables HSB-alpha® with spindle drive

Our linear tables HSB-alpha® are the power packs of linear modules, and they also offer high precision. The mechanical design, with a stable profile and bellows covering the ball guiding rail and spindle drive has been proven over decades. Our linear tables have rounded out our product range since 1999.

HSB-alpha® linear tables are currently available in 4 standard sizes, from the HSB-alpha® 15-B-155 to the HSB-alpha® 35-B-455. In addition to these standard units we also make a wide range of special versions.

Spindle drives

1. Ball screw

Our linear tables HSB-alpha® use our HSB-kgt® ball screws almost exclusively.
They offer the best all-round characteristics of force, precision, speed and efficiency.

2. Trapezoidal screw

For certain applications, trapezoidal screws are still the most suitable drive.
Immunity from the risk of self-locking and lack of susceptibility to shocks are features in this connection. However both the efficiency and also the attainable speed are somewhat low.

3. Planetary roller screw

Planetary roller screws are increasingly being used for the heaviest loads consistent with reasonable efficiency.

Profile rail guides

1. Ball guiding rail

Our linear tables with a ball guiding rail are suitable for medium to heavy loads. The ball guiding rail has low friction but is nevertheless very stiff. It permits high speeds up to 5 m/s. Its accuracy lies in the precision range.

2. Roller guiding rail

Our linear tables can also be equipped with roller guiding rails. These permit higher loads and offer greater stiffness than ball guiding rails. Their accuracy lies in the precision range.


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