Linear technology

Linear technology is a sub-area of drive technology and is used wherever translatory motions are required or useful, such as mechanical engineering or handling systems. Our linear technology generally combines the two functions of the guide and drive. While the linear guide absorbs all the forces transverse to the direction of movement, the linear unit provides the force required for the movement.

Our solutions in linear technology are as diverse as the applications. The best possible compromise is often required, dynamics, precision and load form the key elements of the application. Our linear technology experts will find the right solution and the right product for you and are happy to help you with your planning. Just send us an e-mail.

Our HSB-beta® mechanical linear units are the universal product with a balanced ratio of dynamics, precision and force. Our cover band system ensures reliable protection of the inner workings.

Our HSB-delta® compact linear units expand this range in terms of precision and force. This is achieved with mechanically reworked profiles and double profile guides. Our proven cover band system is also used here.

Our classic HSB-alpha® linear tables are our top range in terms of precision and load. A solid profile with double guides and precise ball screw ensures the rigidity of the flat design. With this linear module, the inner workings are protected by classic bellows (various versions possible).

One broad area of linear technology is equipping machines with workpieces and tools. Since larger strokes are often required here, self-supporting constructions without complex substructures are the best solution. This is the main area where our robust HSB-gamma® portal units are used. Our HSB-gamma® portal units have a closed rigid profile, a toothed belt drive, rack-and-pinion drive or recently also a ball screw drive.

Our HSB-sigma® series with roller guide is a portal unit version designed for smooth running and easy setup. Smaller masses can be moved and positioned with maximum dynamics.

Our HSB-kgt® ball screws with an unrivalled running behaviour play a key role in the performance of our linear modules. Made from the best materials and equipped with optimised cover deflection, our ball screws can be used practically anywhere.

Linear technology applications often require several directions of movement, which is why our linear modules are often combined into so-called multi-axis systems. Our experienced employees create the most sensible design for your application from our extensive product range - just get in touch.


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