Linear tables

Our tried-and-tested powerhouses, the linear tables from the HSB-alpha® series, are based on a flat and solid aluminium profile, on which the guides, as well as fixed and movable bearings are mounted.

The design of our linear tables in this series offers maximum rigidity, combined with precision. Our HSB-alpha® linear tables are used when large masses have to be moved linearly and precisely positioned.

Depending on the load and required accuracy, a suitably precise and rigid substructure is required.

Due to the larger guiding distances and solid carriage plates, very high guide loads of up to 80000 N and corresponding transverse torques of up to 12000 N are no problem for our powerful linear tables.

We designed our HSB-alpha®-45-600-SSS heavy-duty table for the most extreme stresses. This linear unit is made entirely of steel and is therefore extremely rigid.

Our HSB-alpha® linear tables are available in the combination of screw drive and profile rail guide. As with all linear units with screw drive in our product portfolio, the nut can be used as low backlash or as a double nut.

Our powerful HSB-alpha® linear tables are also frequently used as a unit with counter-rotating screw with screw drive and two counter-rotating carriages.

To protect the screw drive and guides against contamination and penetrating parts, we use various bellows versions for our linear tables.

Linear table HSB-alpha®

Heavy-duty linear table

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