Portal units

Our HSB-gamma® and HSB-sigma® portal linear drives are designed so that they can be used as basic modules for a wide range of multi-axis systems.

Different drive concepts and our two guide systems for our portal linear drives from these two series offer flexible and broad usability.

The robust portal linear drives from the HSB-gamma®

The base of our HSB-gamma® (portal units) series are the specially designed closed, high-strength and robust aluminium profiles, where the forces and load torques are absorbed in a targeted way and forwarded to the substructure.

These robust portal units (linear units) are ideally suited to self-supporting structures. The machined function sides of the profiles ensure optimal position and process accuracy. Depending on the size of the HSB-gamma® portal units, one-piece total lengths of up to 12000 mm are possible. Larger lengths can also be achieved by putting multiple lengths together. Just get in touch.

With these portal linear drives (HSB-gamma®), two generously designed, parallel rail guides guarantee high strength and a long service life. Vertical loads (Fz) up to 30000 N and transverse torques (Mx) up to 8000 Nm are possible.

Our portal units from the HSB-gamma® series with helical cut rack-and-pinion drive offer medium traversing speeds with high precision, even with larger strokes. The drive is provided by gear wheels shrunk directly onto the gears. Different transmission ratios ensure optimal adaptation to the application.

Our portal linear drives with toothed belt drive offer high traversing speed and maintenance-free drive with slightly reduced precision. Our HSB-gamma®-ZSSD portal units are a special version of the toothed belt drive with two independently powered carriages. The HSB-gamma®-ASS/ASH versions are used for long transfer units (ASS) and for extension units (ASH).

Our HSB-gamma®-GDHE portal linear drive is a special combination of rack-and-pinion and toothed belt drive. This is a duplex unit where the profile has a rack-and-pinion drive and the opposite carriage is carried along by a toothed belt.

We have developed our HSB-gamma®-SSF version for the highest loads and precision. This special type of our HSB-gamma® portal unit combines a highly rigid aluminium profile, generously dimensioned guides and a strong ball screw to meet these requirements, making it unique on the linear unit market.

The lightweight portal linear drives of the HSB-sigma® series

Our HSB-sigma® portal linear drives with the HSB roller guide represent the light and more cost-effective alternative with the premise of higher speeds with smaller masses.

The closed and multiple strut profiles of our HSB-sigma® series (portal units) with the external roller guides are light and very rigid. Our HSB roller guide, with rollers rolled on hardened guide bands, offer good precision and high to very high traversing speeds for these lightweight portal units.

Our HSB-sigma® portal linear drives are available as a classic HSB-sigma®-ZRS portal unit with simple toothed belt drive, as HSB-sigma®-ZRSD with two independently travelling carriages and as a portal linear drive with powered carriage in the HSB-sigma®-ARS and HSB-sigma®-ARH versions.

A total length of up to 8000 mm and vertical loads of up to 6000 N (Fz) are possible depending on the size of these lightweight portal linear drives.

The combination of toothed belt drive and roller guide makes our portal linear drives from the HSB-sigma® series practically maintenance-free.

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