2-axis system with standing drives

HSB-kappa® 250-ZSX

The linear units of the HSB-kappa® series are a particular highlight of HSB Automation GmbH.

The function principle is well known and some of our competitors supply and build this concept as a small system. The challenge for us lay not in the system itself but in the parameters to be achieved:

It needed to move a mass of up to 100 kg horizontally by 2000 mm and vertically by 600 mm with 30 strokes/minute. All components had to be non-rusting since it was for the food industry.

To save mass and weight in the vertical axis conventional linear units were out of the question.
The drive which had to be co-transported (gearbox and servomotor with brake) overstressed
every system. We therefore opted for the system with two vertical motors and a toothed belt.