About us

"Down-to-earth and innovative" - these two terms perfectly describe our company philosophy.

HSB was founded in 1993 by two partners, and now the company has about 90 staff members.

Our mainly long-term employees are the heart of the company. Success would not be possible without them. We respond to this by providing them with a good working environment and modern work places. And in this way, we have built up an immense wealth of experience over the years.

Just as important to us is the relationship we have with our customers and suppliers. Here too, reliability and durable partnership are more important to us than short-term gain. Both parties value this continuity.

We don't do everything, but everything that we do is done as well as possible. This is why the HSB product range is restricted to the mechanical side of linear technology.

Our linear modules are continuously checked and optimised where necessary. Here, the focus is always on the simple technical solution - whether with designs, processes or organisation. We continuously add to our product portfolio with new, innovative ideas.