Units with two independent toothed belts

HSB-sigma® 90 to 160-ZRSD, HSB-gamma® 90 to 280-ZSSD and HSB-beta® 140-ZRSD

The linear units of the HSB-sigma®HSB-gamma®-series an the linear unit HSB-beta® 140-ZRSD with toothed belt drive are also available with dual toothed belt drive.

The two toothed belts can be driven from both sides (standard unit) and from one side. The two carriages can be moved independently of each other. Users must watch out for collisions here, however, as the two carriages share the guide system.

The HSB-sigma® units are fitted with our roller guide and are designed for dynamic applications. By contrast, the HSB-gamma®-units are fitted with a linear guide system for high loads.