Double stroke units

HSB-delta® 145-C-DHE

Our DHE duplex unit is the perfect solution for users who need a large stroke in limited space.
Two profiles are fitted back to back. A pair of toothed belts connect the carriages and can be
driven at both bearing housings. The motor moves with the profile.

Current versions:

  • HSB-beta® 50-C-DHE
  • HSB-delta® 110-DHE
  • HSB-delta® 145-C-DHE

HSB-beta® 110-ADHE

Our ADHE duplex unit with driven carriage is a further variant of our highly compact linear unit. Whereas in the DHE variant the drive motor travels with the profile, in this variant the upper carriage and the profile are moved via a fixed Omega drive, similar to the ARS/ASS version.

It is now possible to attach an extension arm to the upper carriage, for example. Assuming the linear unit has a standard profile length, this can then be immersed into a tool (e.g. a spray lance) up to twice the stroke length.

Versions with a cover band can also be produced under certain circumstances.