HSB Automation GmbH

Your partner for mechanical linear technology - from simple standard units right up to complex bespoke solutions

Since 1995, HSB Automation GmbH in Reutlingen has been developing and
producing linear modules in almost every conceivable design:

- HSB-beta®, the classical linear drives:
  11 unit sizes and over 50 variants
- HSB-delta®, the precise compact modules:
   5 unit sizes and 12 variants
- HSB-alpha®, the proven linear tables:
   4 unit sizes and 8 variants
- HSB-gamma®, the robust portal linear drives:
   5 unit sizes and more than 20 variants
- HSB-sigma®, the light portal linear drives:
   4 unit sizes and about 15 variants
- HSB-kgt®, the special ball screw drives:
   5 nominal diameters, pitches from 5 to 60 mm/revolution



This means that the HSB customer has one of the most comprehensive modular systems in the sector of mechanical linear technology at their disposal.    

This modular system also represents the basis for countless customer-specific solutions that are developed and built to order by HSB.  

The field extends from small adaptations to a standard unit right up to special solutions that are completely developed together with the customer.
There's no such thing as "it can't be done!"
This is the motto of HSB. Many long-standing customers greatly appreciate this flexibility.  

It is only made possible by the extensive experience of our sales and development staff, high production depth with the latest machines and our extensive stock.