Double stroke units

HSB-beta® 110-ADHE

The ADHE design (driven carriage, duplex unit) is currently available in sizes 50 and 110 but can in principle be supplied in the HSB-beta® series sizes.

The lower carriage with the gearbox/motor detects that the profile tube and the top carriage are travelling. There is therefore a relative/double stroke action. An outrigger can be attached to the upper carriage and thereby e.g. a spray lance with a single profile length of the linear unit can be immersed into a tool by the doubled stroke.

The upper linear unit with the single carriage is enclosed by the covering strip.

HSB-delta® 145-C-DHE

The DHE (double stroke unit) is currently available for the 145 size but other HSB-delta® series sizes are possible in principle.

In this case, along with the flat design and large transferable torques, an optimum ratio of stroke to overall length was required due to the duplex design of the HSB-delta® series.